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I Love Regulars

12 Apr

The best part of working at the bar (other than the party, and the music, and the fun, and the dancing, and the people watching, and the liquor…) is making friends with regulars.

I have a new regular that is pretty much amazing 100% of the time.  I actually may have stolen him from one of the other bartenders… Regular used to “belong” to a different bartender, but he’s mine now. Bwahaha.  Anyway, he comes and visits me most Thursdays.

I can’t say that I know too much about him other than he lives in Campbell, is a self-proclaimed computer geek, and has excellent taste in liquor (mmmm crown!!). He doesn’t actually talk about himself, which is rare. If you work in the service industry, you know how customers just LOVE to talk about themselves.  He keeps quiet, practically making him an enigma.




Here’s the meat of the story why he’s awesome: he brought me a cake last night.

So a few background details: we’d had discussion of said cake a few days prior, and I didn’t actually think he’d bring one.  I think it is a typical “girl” thing to do to make ridiculous demands and see what will actually transpire.  “Buy me a pony” and “I would like a yellow Lamborghini, please” never really work (not like we ever expect them to).  HOWEVER, women are so used to being shot down, that when we DO make demands, we never believe they will get fulfilled.

Until Regular actually brought me a motherfuckin cake. YIPPIE!

Oh, and did I mention I played hooky from work last night to sit at home in my pajamas? Fail. I wasn’t actually there to receive it, so instead I got this lovely tortuous photo, guilting me and making me feel like crap that I bailed.




Lesson learned: regulars are awesome, and it’s always worth it to suck it up and just go into work.